The Book

Covert Imagery is a new book covering digital photography, video and imagery in a simple and easy to understand way without the science.

This photography training manual has been compiled as a learning aid, guide and reference book for the investigator who is required to take photographic images or video in respect of obtaining evidence. Easy to read and follow, this book takes you step by step from the very basics to more advanced techniques. Recommended reading for anyone involved in evidence gathering, intelligence, journalism and surveillance.

The Author


Peter Jenkins has been managing security consultancy and surveillance training school, ISS Training Ltd for over 25 years, providing corporate intelligence, commercial investigations and specialist surveillance training courses. Peter is a former Royal Marine Commando and teaches surveillance and covert photography to various organisations, enforcement agencies and individuals across the world.


Peter is also the author of Surveillance Tradecraft and works semi-professionally as a commercial photographer and photo journalist.

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