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Testimonial Reviews.


What people have said about Covert Imagery from Investigative, Security and Photography professionals.

Mark Rowe - Editor Professional Security



Peter Jenkins’ latest book about doing surveillance, Covert Imagery and Photography, is as accomplished as the rest - and anyone who uses a camera can profit from it. Full review here...

Raymond - Professional Photographer - National Newspaper


You have to learn to take photographs overtly before you can covertly - this book teaches you both and in a very professional manner. It is equally useful for the professional as it is the novice and you will never use the Auto settings again. A fine book!


Miguel Denyer - Captured Wilderness Photography


Having just scanned through the new Covert Imagery Photography & Video book by Peter Jenkins, I have to say that this is THE book to add to your library if you are in the surveillance industry or just a photographer in general. I have some background in surveillance and have done some covert photography before (on and off for the last 20 years) and am now a wildlife photographer and in the time it took me to take a quick look through the book, I've learned some new things.


Peter has done a fantastic job of breaking down the information into easy to understand sections and has laid the book out into a logical sequence covering every aspect of photography from start to finish - this is the ideal book for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Unlike other photography books that I've read which, usually seem to be a means of the photographer/author using the book to showcase his or her work, this book is all about teaching the reader how to get the most out of the digital SLR, how to choose the right gear and how to use it well - there's no blowhard fillers - just good old-fashioned knowledge on how to carry out covert photography in a professional and effective manner. Thank very much Peter!!


I wish this book had been around 20 years ago!!


J. Rose Investigator and Amazon Customer


I am really pleased with this book and although I'd say it is a must for any investigator, I would also recommend it to just about anyone that owns a camera! As a professional investigator I considered myself very familiar with photography and extremely familiar with my camera, however as soon as I opened the book at chapter one I was reminded almost instantly of how unfamiliar with both I actually was! This book is a gem of new and forgotten information and techniques that if used will completely improve your photographic ability. It is written in easily understandable language, with lots of imagery, examples and exercises but at the same time it doesn't make you feel like an idiot while reading. The author is highly regarded in the surveillance industry and his expertise shows in his writing.

I would challenge even the most knowledgable of professional investigators, surveillance operatives or photographers not to learn something new from it and at under £20 the value for money is extraordinary!

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